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Gua Sha stones and rollers, scalp massage, and relaxing back, neck and shoulder meridian point massage therapy.  A complete feeling of wellbeing.

Relaxing facial and Indian head massage using oodles of warm organic oil. Jade quartz crystal stones rebalance and restore healthy glowing skin.  

Experience complete relaxation with this rebalancing and restoring facial, neck and shoulder Indian head massage.  

Gentle pressure is applied to 107 marma points (also known as acupressure points in and around the hair and baseline of the neck and ears). This procedure releases trapped energy (prana) within the body to rejuvenate organs, tissues and other systems. Lift, restore and define tired features, reduce puffy dark circles around the eyes and relieve anxiety and tension via the third eye.  A deeply healing and restorative treatment for stress, tension, tired mind and eyes.

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